Therapeutic Riding Lessons: The human/horse connection can be a powerful one.  Learning to ride and care for a horse, participants experience improved physical strength, balance and coordination as well as increased attention, concentration and self esteem. At LTTR Each lesson is privately taught on a peaceful facility and catered to best fit each riders needs. At this time the entire farm is reserved for the rider. All lessons are taught 1x a week by PATH Certified instructor Jessica Giles.

60 & 90 minute options

Consultations with Dr Henriette Meran, certified Homeopath! Parents of students are encouraged to chat or make an appointment with Henriette before/during/after lessons. Henriette Meran, O.M.D., LAC is a respected practitioner, lecturer and educator who has assisted and guided hundreds of people in achieving better health. She has been certified and practicing homeopathy and herbal medicine for the past 20 years. Henriette is a licensed functional medicine practitioner and trauma resolution therapist. Henriette has experienced wonderful unexpected results working with children with disabilities. Learn more here –>

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